SA Genomics Health Alliance



The SA Genomics Health Alliance is in its very first phase of development, linking together individuals and organisations with expertise in genetics and genomics so that we can better address the challenges and capitalise on the recent developments in this field. 

In order to achieve this we are currently identifying resource shortfalls, and mapping the needs of patients, healthcare professionals and industry. We will use this information  to develop a  roadmap for genomics medicine in SA and to prioritise alliance activities.

It is our hope that an alliance will ensure all  South Australians have equitable access to the very best care and latest information that genomic medicine can provide. 



Our Mission

To deliver better value healthcare through genomics.


The purpose of this alliance is to: 

  • Develop an interactive genomics network with a visible state and national presence.
  • Ensure genomics services provided in SA are state of the art.
  • Integrate genomics into existing and future research and innovation activities.
  • Educate patients, healthcare professionals and researchers about genomics.
  • Reduce the barriers to accessing genomics technologies and support their implementation in healthcare.


Scope & Activities

SA Genomics is currently working with partners and members to build a strategic plan for the future of genomic medicine in South Australia. The types of activities that are under consideration include:

  • Providing a conduit for funding collaborative research in the genomic medicine space.
  • Helping to develop infrastructure and break down barriers so pathologists, researchers, informaticians and clinicians can work together for maximum benefit.
  • Building a statewide genomics registry, linking eHR and genomic data.
  • Conducting demonstration projects to pilot the implementation of genomics in specific clinical scenarios.


  • Developing materials and hosting seminar series to educate healthcare professionals and the public about genomic medicine.
  • Supporting a genomic medicine hotline and regional genomic telehealth services.
  • Acting as a gatekeeper for the appropriate use of genomic tests.
  • Supporting evidence based medicine for a sustainable healthcare system, by evaluating and monitoring health outcomes from genomic testing.

“You could say all of us have a pre-existing condition of import, and it’s just a matter of when we’re going to manifest it,” ... “Very few of us are genetically bulletproof.”

— Eric Topol. Scripps Research Institute