Launch of the Australian Functional Genomics Network

AFGN Tile.png

The Australian Functional Genomics Network is a platform to enhance the relationship between clinical teams discovering disease-causing genes in patients with rare disease and cancer, and model system research teams, experts in studying gene function. Ultimately leading to faster translation of new knowledge and the implementation of discoveries into clinical practice to benefit patients.  

Connections will be made through the Network Registry and will capture the expertise around Australian and information on the gene/pathway/cellular systems groups are working on. Using the Registry, the Network will mobilise the Australian biomedical community of clinicians and scientists to work collaboratively when variants of unknown significance are identified in rare disease and cancer patients. Successful connections will be eligible for the award of “rapid response” seed grants to support immediate functional experiment relevant to a gene of interest.

Laboratory heads are encouraged to join and complete their profile now.

To learn more about the importance of the Network and how it work please visit: