Immunological disorders

Genomics can be used by clinicians to better understand what is happening in a cancer by:

Identifying mutations in key genes that drive or prevent 

Determining ho

The genome of a cancer cell is usually very different to the genome of a healthy cell, that is, there are many DNA variations. This occurs because the DNA of a cancer cell is damaged. By looking at the overall pattern or 'mutation signature' of the tumour scientists can often identify the type of DNA damage that has occurred. This can tell scientists what might have caused the cell to become cancerous and in some cases it can be useful to 

How is this done? DNA from the tumour is compared to DNA from the same person's healthy tissue and the differen

Cancer Pharmacogenomics

Pharmacogenomics is the study of how variations in an individual's genes affect that person's response to a drug. This is one of the most powerful uses of genomics in cancer is to identify which therapies are most appropriate for an individual's cancer. This is called   Modern cancer drugs target particular cellular pathways and will only work i

Understanding a cancer genome can help doctors to:

  • Avoid using a cancer therapy that won't work
  • Identify cancer therapy that will work
  • Monitor cancer progression