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Prof David Adelson: "How DNA sequencing will change your life."

Prof David Adelson is the Chair of Bioinformatics, and the Zhengdong Chair of Molecular Traditional Chinese Medicine in the School of Biological Sciences. Prof. Adelson is also Co-Director (with Prof Gary Glonek) of the Bioinformatics Hub. His current research focuses on the non-coding portions of animal genomes, and the computational analysis of repetitive DNA, also known as Junk DNA, in order to understand large scale evolutionary/structural changes in the animal genomes. His group also looks at the complex molecular effects of Traditional Chinese Medical to provide a molecular basis for understanding the mode of action of TCM and support its integration into Western Medicine. 

Prior to moving to Adelaide in 2007, Prof Adelson worked at Texas A&M University from 2001, and before that worked for CSIRO from 1988. Prof Adelson obtained his PhD in Biomedical Sciences (Biochemistry), from the John A Burns School of Medicine at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 1985 and carried out postdoctoral research at Duke University.

This session is part of the Game Changers in Science presentation by the Faculty of Sciences, University of Adelaide at:

Ira Raymond Exhibition Room
Barr Smith Library
North Terrace Campus, Adelaide
Adelaide, SA 5005

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